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Here they finally are! The new kits with the  Zauberpearl!

weihnachtlicher Sternenzauber

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Creative Crafts in new Variations:

Jewellery and Accessories

- with the  Mini-Zauberpearl -



This is new: christmas stars in 3D !

With the Zauberpearl...

The  highlight of the recent Creativeworld / Frankfurt: Download the leaflet !



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SB-MaxiMin: revolutionary sell-system with best self-service comfort available.   - our latest patent -

- spring loaded: The products in our useful transparent boxes are loaded by spring always to the  samples in front. Therefore our displays appear also with low filling always  full.

- the product-carrier will automatically close after pulling by the customer.

- samples: all items are also near the ground in good view due to the  sloping fixed samples. Customers can choose the itemts without taking the boxes in hand. Therefore a later on false replacing is strongly reduced.

- easy filling: The product carriers are  wide extensible by unlocking. The refilling is fast and easy.





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